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Avi Bar-Zeev has spent the last 23 years bringing imaginative technologies to life, in projects as diverse as virtual planets, flying robots and AR headsets.

Most recently, Microsoft announced “HoloLens,” for which Avi did the earliest concept and prototyping work in 2010. What was originally called “Screen Zero” is now poised to change the way we interact with computers over the next decade.

In 2013, Avi co-founded a company with Will Wright. Avi served as the company’s CTO and was promoted to President to oversee R&D and operations while Will Wright focused on product design.

Avi spent 2008-2012 at Microsoft, helping to pitch, design and prototype new products across the company. He has close to 40 patents granted or applied in areas such as augmented reality, communications and geospatial technologies.

In 1999, he co-founded Keyhole, Inc., designing and building the application that was later called Google Earth. He built the 3D user interfaces and much of the client-side architecture.

In 1994, he helped develop Disney’s Aladdin’s Magic Carpet VR Ride and went on to lead or influence other interactive 3D experiences for Disney.

Avi’s very first VR startup lasted from 1992-1994, too early for the VR hype cycle, but not too soon to imagine applications such as virtual earths, AR contact lenses, and immersive 3D rooms.

Throughout his career, he’s been an early employee or consultant to startups like Intrinsic Graphics (3D games middleware), F5 Networks (scalable web services), and Linden Lab, developing core technologies for Second Life, including their procedural 3D object system that instantly builds 3D worlds.

Avi worked at Amazon twice, first in 2012, helping them come up with next generation tablet shopping experiences. He re-joined Amazon in 2014, and is presently working on Prime Air (Flying Robots!), while building a stellar team in SF to help make aerial drone delivery common.