RealityPrime is a technology blog and consultancy specializing in imagining the future of human-computer-interaction and helping to realize it through thoughtful, often disruptive design and engineering. The company has been around since 1997; the blog since 2003.

About Avi Bar-Zeev

I’ve spent the last 24 years imagining new experiences and technologies and helping bring them to life, in projects as diverse as Google Earth, flying robots and AR/VR/wearables. I like to start by imagining what customers might love, and then work backwards through the necessary strategy and technology to get there. Building forwards is a process of bootstrapping, learning what works and how to unlock the most customer delight with the least cost. My most important job is often to convince and inspire others (often smarter than myself) to help bring these visions to life.

In 2015, Microsoft announced “HoloLens,”​ for which I lead the original concept development, strategy and rapid prototyping to prove out the ideas, recruit researchers and provide a design and technology roadmap into the future. What was originally named “Screen Zero”​ is now poised to change the way we interact with computers over the next decade. I authored and/or collaborated on approx. 40 original patents in areas such as augmented reality, communications, social, entertainment, AI and geospatial technologies.

Before that, I helped design and build the first versions of Google Earth, Second Life, and several fun Disney VR rides (e.g., Aladdin VR, Cyberspace Mountain, Virtual Jungle Cruise). I’ve been involved with at least nine startups, from employee to co-founder to angel investor.