Google Trends

This is pretty cool. Google Trends allows you to type in a search term and see how often that search occurred and when (in the last 3 years at least). I immediately tried the following: Google Trends: impeach bush

And the result was what you see at right. Notice the peaks around May and December 2005 (CIA torture story breaks, unwarranted wiretaps revealed) and immediately post-election in 2004 (official _delayed_ results confirming the intelligence failures on WMD in Iraq).
While the intensity of the peaks seems to be diminishing of late, the overall trend line (imagine the moving average) seems to be going up, which can only be a good thing for the country. Automatic trend lines would be a nice addition for Google Trends. It’s also interesting that Madison seems to be the most interested in impeaching Bush. Don’t be surprised if the terrorists strike Madison next (just kidding).

See if you can guess from these rather periodic-looking graphs what the search terms were ((no cheating and looking at the URL).

I love the difference in the last two. It shows a change in people learning "what" something is, vs. looking for specific details.

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