Friendship Solar Array Project

Friendship Solar Array Project

I thought this was somewhat interesting, if a bit unlikely. Instead of building a security fence along the US-Mexican border, they want to build a long solar array. The idea is that the array would be more cost effective in the end (since it produces electricity) and be better for the environment. And I guess it would still need a fence, to protect the array, but now on both sides of the border…

I’m not sure what to think of it. I mean, by that logic, maybe we should build an open-air linear accelerator along the border so we can both do high energy physics experiments and zap anyone foolish enough to cross the beam?

No. But I like the idea of combining publicly-funded engineering projects with energy production. I wish New York, for example, would install big vertical blade turbines at the ends of every mid-town street to both capture the wind and reduce the pain for pedestrians in winter (and if the wind is high enough, reduce the pedestrians themselves). I wish the new 2nd avenue subway line was powered by treadmills and stationary bikes mounted both in the cars and on the platforms (maybe you can make the train come faster?). I wish Congress would install hot-air-powered turbines in the ceilings and the White House would install a bio-gas plant, for, you know, generating energy from shit.

Alas, it’s just a dream I had. I don’t think the solar array idea would quite work, nor would the proposed fence. But since the fence is getting built anyway, perhaps we can put some revolving doors in it, you know with generators attached.

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