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I was originally going to post Vlad’s interview on Friday and a longer article on "What is 3D Good For" tomorrow. But I think I’ll put Vlad’s up today and wrap the series for now. In the future, if there’s more interest/feedback/discussion, I’m happy to resume.

For now, I’ll close by saying that I think 3D in the browser is a critical step, not because we need 2D web pages rotated in 3D (as some have tried), but because we need web pages built in 3D, built with 3D properties in mind, and more importantly, we need 3D built on an open model of content interchange like the Web itself. So browser-level 3D, as it leads to new forms of 3D content, not just effects, may be one of the key facilitators to opening the frontier beyond the fertile playgrounds of the last 10 years.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series of articles. And if there’s interest, we can do more in the future.

For reference, here is the table of contents again:

Web 3D, Part 1: Introduction
Web 3D, Part 2: Interview with Tony Parisi of Media Machines
Web 3D, Part 3: What is Web 3D, anyway?
Web 3D, Part 4: Interview with Joshua Smith of Kaon Interactive
Web 3D, Part 5: Glossary
Web 3D, Part 6: Interview with Jerry Paffendorf of Electric Sheep
Web 3D, Part 7: Interview with Vladimir Vukicevic of Mozilla

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5 thoughts on “Web 3D, Transmission

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  3. This series has been very interesting. Would be great if you continued and posted the article (“”What is 3D Good For”) you mentioned.


  4. Thanks David. I have a few examples ready for that next article, though the date is TBD. What I really need is for people to send in (or post in comments) other examples of 3D well used. So far, the article is mostly about my own ideas and experiences and I’d like it to be far more general and comprehensive.

    BTW, I’m using Google Earth (naturally) and two fictional examples. Anything else is fair game.

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