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I came across this interesting bit of work. The author has collected a bunch of geocoded Wikipedia entries and created a single big KML file to load those into Google Earth. So if you sift through the listings, you can jump right to any wiki entry on the map, and one more click brings up the Wiki page.

This points to how Google and others can continue to integrate the web (esp. web searches) with the Earth. But the next step is for the Wiki entries themselves to contain the geocoded references that could drive GE (or another Virtual Earth, if you prefer) to the right spot to provide geospatial context for each article. That same idea applies to Google Search, which could easily add a “see it on Earth” link for any geocoded results (news especially).

That two-way link is key. Ideally, the Wiki entry could show in a pop-up bubble over the 3D world, though that’s currently limited by browser technology (see the series of articles on Web3D).

The ultimate integration is to have the 3D Earth and the 2D web live in the same big application space, synchronizing both space and time (for historical entries, for example), growing and shrinking in visual importance based on relevance to the task.

Here are some more links
, including a version of the above Wiki-KML that streams the data as needed to avoid loading it all at once.

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