How to Properly Hide Sensitive Sites From Google Earth

With all of the talk of censoring Google Earth to "protect against terrorism," concerned government officials should look to history to see how we hid an entire airplane factory from Japanese reconnaissance in WWII. We did not demand that Japan (or even friendly forces) remove the factory from aerial surveys.

We simply covered them up. In this case, remarkably so. We made an enormous factory seem like a residential subdivision. Click the "before" image above for pics of the impressive makeover.

Now, with sub-meter resolution, even this type of camouflage could be detected on careful (perhaps only trained or dedicated) observation. However, the same principle still applies. Make sensitive sites seem like something else. Paint the tops of gas tanks to look like pools of water. Paint pipelines to look like jogging or bike trails. You get the idea. You can photoshop every aerial survey, or you can fix the problem at the source.

More importantly, Google Earth then becomes a tool of independent government watchdogs to tell when government isn’t doing its job of protecting sensitive sites. No wonder they want to censor.

One thought on “How to Properly Hide Sensitive Sites From Google Earth

  1. Ahh, the good ol’ days — when our fathers and grandfathers did the right thing, and they got it done without any hesitation.

    And they didn’t blame their fellow Americans in the process of determining what the right thing to do was.

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