Video Interlude — Google Body?

Google Body Education Video

This is purported to be a video of "Google Body," allegedly available next year, though I don’t see any evidence of Google branding or an official press release. If it was a leaked video, I’d think it would make more of a splash on the internets. More likely, it’s an existing 3rd party app or a research project that someone just assumed would be tied to "Google" because people now [finally] get why 3D search, visualization and user-markup is really part of Google’s mission.

The video is also lacking the usual Google simplicity in UI — having to click a body part and then a button to remove that body part each time is cumbersome at best. But the 3D rendering, on the other hand, is very nice.

You can read my previous comments on why making a "Google Body" or "Google Human" for individual body shapes is much harder than just rendering. But this is a nice start. What I really want is something that lets me zoom down to the cellular level, complete with annotations and the ability to overlay personal data. But that’s still a ways off, I think.



On a related note, I mentioned a while back that I’d be making a big announcement about RealityPrime. Well, we’re not quite ready to announce. But I can say this. I’ve been very busy since October, including an upcoming move to LA. In the search for my next interesting gig, I passed on several really cool options, including being software lead on an academic 3D brain/body viewer that would, in fact, handle those individual differences I discussed. I passed on forming a group to re-invent 3D avatars for ultimate portability. And I passed on joining a group that’s blazing a path to use virtual worlds in a serious way.

So what gig did I accept? We’ll announce something soon.


6 thoughts on “Video Interlude — Google Body?

  1. Why not try googling for “google body”?

    Since you probably won’t bother: it’s from a “future article” from Future Feed Forward.

  2. Well “Ann,” you’re just full of assumptions, aren’t you?

    Why not try reading the non-fictional article I wrote on “Google Earth for the Human Body” (linked on this very page, upper right, no search required) a few months back?

    While I enjoyed the writing in the FFF article when I read it, it can hardly claim to have invented the idea of “google body” (though people who think Boing Boing is The Internet will try).

  3. Can I start a rumor that you’re going back to Google?

    The rendering in this video is fairly low-brow if you ask me. The pictures that I’ve seen of the renders from Stanford are far more detailed — and the interface is patently Google Earth-like.

    If Leonardo were alive today, he’d probably be rather proud of all he sees.

  4. I’m not working at Google. I did in fact inquire about the idea, and I’d love to work there someday. But the hiring process wound up taking too long and being too secretive, given my other options. So I had to apologetically cut it short.

    You haven’t heard of the group I’m with. Not yet.

    As for the difference in visual quality in the demos — one uses expensive volumetric rendering and one uses cheap polygons. I’d argue that any Google Body app will use polygons due to bandwidth and machine limits, not to mention handling those individual body variations. The trick is making it look good.

  5. Which points out the importance of the quality of one’s textures.

    Last time I was in LA, I was much younger and better looking, and I could play guitar pretty good too. Or so they tell me.

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