Enter the VR Contact Lens


Well, for me and Ted Chaing, I’m sure this is welcome news. We debated how this might be done several years back. Looks like this new lens doesn’t do much yet, but they can at least build some of the components now. And a rabbit was able to wear the lens for at least 20 minutes without going blind. (btw, I thought we stopped testing eye products on rabbits…). I figure what it really needs is a DMD laser to shine straight on the retina vs. trying to make a correct virtual image at such a close distance.

Anyway, for anyone who hasn’t contemplated the benefits of the VR contact lens, it’s the ultimate in augmented reality. Wherever you look, you could see a mix of real and virtual objects — when the technology is sufficiently advanced, you couldn’t even tell the difference. Phone conversations will then include a "ghost" image of the person you’re talking to, real as if they were standing there with you.

And the interface to more abstract virtual worlds becomes pretty easy too — just close your eyes and you’re someplace else entirely.

Well, we’re not quite there yet. But soon, perhaps.

3 thoughts on “Enter the VR Contact Lens

  1. It scares me. I imagine a future generation of kids, playing 3D pong. And others, playing a joke on other rendering the teacher saying bad things to him in his contact lens.
    If there are computer crackers, why not VR crackers too?

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