Microsoft, year 1

Well, I just celebrated my one year anniversary at Microsoft. It’s been an interesting year, moving from the Virtual Earth team into the main research & strategy arm of the company this spring. The following video represents my experience remarkably well*:



4 office relocations (1 voluntary)
3 major re-organizations (1 voluntary)
35 really interesting ideas explored
9 patent [application] cubes
5 really killer ideas killed too soon
2 good ideas made it all the way to the top level
1 gonzo project I started last year is still going
1 group project I helped pitch today is finally, officially starting

And yet somehow I feel like I haven’t actually accomplished anything yet.

*Orange guy = me.

One thought on “Microsoft, year 1

  1. Hey “Orange guy” – impressive scorecard for just one year. Hope your two green-lighted ideas boost our Microsoft stock that went from around $25 to around $24 during your year, but better than NASDAQ and S&P. To the extent you are allowed, please keep us informed.

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