This is the best picture of the new iPad I could find.


Apple’s new business plan may be to sue themselves for trademark infringement against the confusingly similar name iPod. Yes, it is pretty much a 4x iPhone/iPodTouch, leading me to wonder if the best name would have actually been the iQuad…

I have an iPhone for now, but I’ll wait a while for any tablet. The form factor isn’t quite right, and I really want a real [open] PC in my tablet, not an overgrown locked-down single-tasking phone. 1024×768 is just not going to cut it as an e-reader when every other display in my life is 1920 pixels or higher. I’m sure people who buy them will swear by the improved calendar and PIM software and maybe even think the e-reader function kicks ass if they squint enough, but that’s not enough to justify inserting a new device into my list of carryables.

I’ve said for a while that Apple is Microsoft’s informal external design arm. But this shows that people can learn both positive and negative lessons from Apple’s innovation.