Keyhole Founders Honored


The co-founders of Keyhole (the team that build the original versions of Google Earth) were honored last night by the Geological Society of America. We received the President’s Medal for the contributions Google Earth has made to the geological sciences.

Co-founder Mark Aubin accepted the award in Denver on behalf of the founders and advisers. He said it well:

This crowd are very enthusiastic users of Google Earth. What we built has changed the way they do their research and publish their results forever. It makes me proud to have contributed to science in this way, and you should all be proud also. I know that many other people have made Google Earth what it is today, but that doesn’t change the fact that we all started it.


Amazing Video-Mapped AR

I’ve seen a lot of projection-based AR in recent years, but this is probably the best example.

I think it could have used a lenghty pre-amble about turning off your camera’s flash though. Those annoying flashes don’t just diminish the experience for everyone, but the pictures won’t even come out! (except for the natural building, of course)

Here’s an idea I hereby anti-patent (release to public domain, assuming it’s not already patented). If the author of the below image is willing to let his art be used quasi-commercially, camera companies (esp. point-and-shoot) should make their cameras recognize this image and turn off the flash automatically. How’s that for idiot-proof?

(it might just need a little augmentation for the tag readers to more easily identify it).