Read/Write World

It’s not often since I started at Microsoft 3 years ago that I get to blog about what I’m working on. It’s not that anyone had ever explicitly told me not to, but sharing my daily web research and observations publicly (even if the source links were already public) would have likely compromised the secrecy I’d agreed to, since I tend to blog about whatever’s most on my mind. [And forget twitter. My tl;drs alone are more than 140 characters]

With my current project, the situation is much improved blog-wise. We concluded recently that the best way to accomplish our goals was to be open and even solicit cooperation from outside. Quite a concept!

The project’s name is Read/Write World.

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Photosynth for iPhone

Update: Photosynth for iPhone has passed the THREE million download mark!

Photosynth for iPhone

Photosynth for iPhone


Photosynth for the iPhone has finally hit the app store this week. It’s doing exceptionally well, and it’s not surprising. Taking photos on the phone is a very narrow experience. This app redefines that experience to let you take photos as wide as you want, up to a full 360 degrees. You can then publish your photos and share them in full quality.

Kudos to the Panorama team for hitting a homerun on their first time (standalone) at bat.