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So Friday 11/2/2012 is my last day at Microsoft. I’ll be officially unemployed for short while and then off to a cool new and quite different gig in San Francisco, my favorite city outside of my hometown of New York.

I believe this new role will let me write much more. I still won’t be able to discuss my work at Microsoft except for what they disclose or publish (some of which is already out there, fwiw). The new rule is just that I can’t blog about my new company without permission from management. That’s reasonable. I followed that general principle with and ever since the famous “WebGL” post last year. Enough said.

I’ll miss a lot of things about Microsoft, especially the people. It would be a very different company without the people. One small thing I’ll miss is a really useful news feed by Richard Banks that I’ll have to recreate for myself now (his sources are all public blogs, now safely in my RSS reader…).

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