Nicely done, but I can’t figure out how to embed properly: http://ak.c.ooyala.com/h4OTd4azoOLRlJhJ1B55LxeICRMbb3rU/DOcJ-FxaFrRg4gtDMwOjFpaDowODE7X4

VR and Hollywood

Move over 3D movies, here comes virtual reality – The Washington Post. The only real conclusion one can draw from this article is that marketers are really excited about VR’s ability to attract attention. Here are 7 reasons to think harder: 1. “Movie theaters” full of HMDs are unlikely (even ignoring hygiene & robustness issues).  The … Continue reading

Why I Re-joined Amazon

I just got outed on Techcrunch. So I’ll come clean. I’ve recently (April 2014) rejoined Amazon as a manager and developer on the Prime Air team. We’ve set up a new team in downtown SF to focus on some interesting aspects of the project. We’re growing rapidly. If you’re interested in the project and love the Bay Area, … Continue reading

The LEGO Movie

I have to admit, even with 25+ years experience with computer graphics, on first viewing I thought The Lego Movie was mostly done with stop action photography. I figured maybe 80% physical and 20% virtual. Turns out it was closer to 99% CGI with some real legos thrown in for good measure. Other than the … Continue reading

World Under Water

This is a brilliant idea and  striking demonstration of the effects of rising sea levels. World Under Water. It has only one small problem. It doesn’t take altitude into account. It shows the same nicely rendered water level no matter where you go. I don’t think it would be hard to do a lookup of … Continue reading

Why I donated to MayOne.us

If Money equals Speech, as the Supreme Court believes, then Money trumps Votes, in terms of sheer influence and power. Except… there are more of us that can vote with our wallets than all the vested moneyed interests can muster. First, we have to be united to combat money in politics. That means us collectively spending enough to turn the … Continue reading

See-through Tank

For at least 20 years, I’ve been telling this to anyone who might conceivably take this idea and run with it as a business. Form a real-time sphere (or cubemap) of video around an airplane using an array of cameras. Give anyone who wants one a VR HMD and index their chosen POV into said … Continue reading

Scoble Tempers Glass

Scoble’s love affair for Google Glass could apparently only last so long. This underscores some of the problems with developing a product out in public, or at least half-way out. Long-lead technical challenges (battery, size, cost) are still hidden below the core design and marketing issues (utility, fashion, desire). Google at least did a good job of starting … Continue reading